Waste Management Subscription Updated

Recently  Waste Management decided to discontinue the picking up of White Good items.  White good items include all types of appliances. They recommend an independent contractor by the name of Paul Cotton. He can be contacted at 985-750-6343. He will pick up at no charge. It is not necessary to drain any Freon or other refrigerants from refrigerators or air conditioners.

Waste Management will continue bulk item collection – items under 50 lbs., rugs, tree limbs etc, but these must be bundled (4 foot width or less) to fit into the truck – to subscription customers in St. Tammany provided it is called in to their  customer service department and scheduled or placed out on the 1st collection day each week

Click her for complete: Waste Management Subscription Service 4.1.18 (Updated 7.1.19)