Visit the new Little Free Library at the Clubhouse

ANNOUNCING: The creation of a Little Free Library for the River Oaks Neighborhood. Phase one will focus on children’s books and young/teen readers.  Our free library is now open.

The idea is simple – A Little Free Library is a collection of family friendly books that may be shared at no cost. Please feel free to take a book and read for as long as you like. You may then return it for another. You may also leave (donate) a book that you think other neighbors would enjoy. Please know that any donated book cannot be tracked down or returned. This service is free and designed to encourage reading among friends.

A few words of thanks – Sonja Newman donated the first (home) structure. Nia Smith (age 14) painted it in English woodlands cottage style. Shelley and Butler Ball worked to install it at Clubhouse/Pool right next to the announcement board. Theresa Currie sponsored our Little Free Library membership and serves as the librarian/coordinator.