Traffic Control Project Complete

At the 2019 annual homeowners meeting, those present requested that the Board of Directors investigate means to control the speed by vehicles on River Oaks Drive.  The board at its next regular meeting in April 2019 approved that the Capital committee investigate Traffic control alternatives of STOP signs, Speed Humps and Radar Speed indicating devices.  At the July 2019 meeting the Board sanctioned a Traffic Control study by a Traffic Engineering firm.  This was done as a result of a recommendation from the St Tammany Sheriff’s Office (STPSO) and the St Tammany Parish Department of Public Works.  Check on link below to get a full description of all that has been done and what else to expect. See updated information on the Traffic Control Project in the “Documents & Forms” section of the website at /in the form “Traffic Control Information (Updated 2.11.20)”

The important implementation that will occur is that the St Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office will begin patrols to check on traffic violations. Due to the recent ordinance passed by the St Tammany Parish Council and the approval of the River Oaks Board of Directors, the Sheriff’s Office is authorized to issue tickets to vehicles exceeding 30 MPH in our subdivision.