Spring Cleaning Dumpster At Clubhouse on May 5th and 6th

As a friendly reminder, next weekend only (May 5th & 6th), Waste Management will have a large dumpster at the clubhouse parking lot for our residents to dispose of trash. If you have large items or a bunch of items that do not fit in your trash can, now is your chance to get rid of it once and for all.

However, some common items Waste Management does not accept are

  • Tires and lead batteries
  • Any and all types of fecal matter (Human or Animal Waste)
  • Containers with free liquids such as paint, insecticides, pool chemicals, etc
  • Branches in excess of 4” in diameter, or logs of any size
  • Concrete, cement, bricks, tile, shingles, sheet rock, auto parts, iron/steel metal, fencing
  • Construction debris
  • No White Goods (Call Waste Management at 985-643-7784 for Pick-Up)

Please refrain from dumping the above listed items in the dumpster. Thanks