Prevent Your Mail from Not being Delivered (Blocked Mailbox)

The US Post Office carrier has reported that recently several mailboxes are blocked each day.  If your mailbox is blocked where the carrier can not get his vehicle up to your mailbox, he/she will not deliver your mail that day.  US Post Office requirements state that the carrier should not get out of his vehicle to put mail in a mailbox nor should he back-up his vehicle to reach your mailbox.  He/she can only get out of the vehicle to deliver mail that is too large to fit in the mailbox.  Internal devices in the vehicle report any backing up of the vehicle.

Things you can do to prevent your mail from not being delivered.

   1. Keep your mailbox clear for 25 feet each side of the mailbox.  Do not during  the day time park vehicles around the mailbox.  That includes anyone visiting your home, contractors doing work or the homeowner.  It is a violation of covenants to park on the street for over 24 hours.

  2. Put your garbage cans out on your driveway on the opposite side of  your mailbox.  This will keep the mailbox clear if the garbage people leave the garbage containers partially out in the street.  We have advised Waste Management of this issue and they will advise their workers to be more diligent in not blocking the mailboxes and not leaving the container out in the street.