Dumpster Follow-Up

Jim Rowalt and Bennie Daigle attempted to try to get Waste Management to come and pick up the full dumpster around 11; 00 AM on Saturday.  They reported to Jim Rowalt that they could not pick up until Monday.  So at this point they will pick up the full dumpster and leave another dumpster.  We will have to take all of the extra items on the side of the present dumpster and put them in the empty dumpster.  The empty dumpster they bring on Monday, May 7, 2018 will only be there until Tuesday, May 8, 2018.

We are also aware that people from outside our subdivision dumped stuff in the “River Oaks Only” dumpster.  We have reason to believe that some of our homeowners told their friends in other subdivisions about the dumpster being available. 

We will work with Waste Management about having another dumpster available on some other day(s) if possible.  However their contract says only one week-end.