Architectural Review Committee Guidelines

Architectural Review Committee Article IX of the Restrictive Covenants require that “no building, fence, wall or other structure or additional landscaping (except all original construction and landscaping by the Developer and landscaping within any enclosed private areas) shall be erected, altered, repaired, planted or removed until i) building plans, ii) building specifications, (iii) a plot plan showing the location, elevation and lot grading of the lot, and (iv) the landscaping plan showing the location and type of trees, shrubs, plants and flowers to be used, shall have been furnished to and approved by a majority vote of the Architectural Review Committee.” The River Oaks Restrictive Covenants require that any new building or modifications to existing homes or lots and construction or landscaping in the common areas of the subdivision are required to have approval of the Architectural Review Committee (Refer to Article IX).  This includes clearing and filling of lots.  Plans are to be submitted to the Committee in advance of starting any work. This approval is not limited to new homes and includes the construction, installation or modification of the following:

  • Accessory buildings (including garden sheds)
  • Additions to existing structures
  • Swimming pools
  • New fences
  • Landscaping
  • Driveways
  • Underground drainage
  • Wharf or pier, bulkhead, boat house etc.
  • Solar collection panels

River Oaks is a private subdivision subject to Restrictive Covenants which control land uses in the subdivision.  These requirements are in addition to the Parish standards and regulations.  Consequently, compliance with the Parish standards, alone, will not necessarily satisfy the requirements imposed by the restrictive covenants if the covenants impose a greater standard on a particular land use.  A copy of the Covenants can be downloaded from the River Oaks website or obtained from GNO’s office.   The website under forms has checklist used by the Architectural Review Committee in reviewing plans and a copy of the “Application for Architectural Review”. Homeowners wishing to erect a structure on their property need to furnish two sets of plans and specifications and a complete application for Architectural Review to any member of the Architectural Review Committee. Plans and application need to be submitted to the Committee in advance of starting any work. The Architectural Review Committee has developed the following process for reviewing plans.

  1. Plans for new building, modifications or additions to existing homes or lots are received by the Committee.
  2. Plans are date stamped by the office when received.
  3.  Committee Chair notifies Committee and sets a date to review plans.
  4. The Committee reviews and approves/ disapproves or asks the homeowner to make changes to the plans in accordance with Article IX of the Covenants.
  5. The Committee documents its findings using the Architectural Review Committee checklist.
  6. The homeowner is notified of the Committee’s actions in writing no later than 10 working days after plans are received.
  7. Committee prepares a summary report of its actions to be furnished at the next quarterly Board of Directors meeting.

Architectural Review Committee Article IX of the Restrictive Covenants was developed to insure that River Oaks maintains a reputation as an upscale neighborhood and it is in the interest of all homeowners to abide it. The Board of Directors is responsible for upholding the Covenants and will vigorously enforce them.


Architectural Review Committee Checklist for New Construction

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